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Wishes, quotes, messages, WhatsApp and Facebook statuses to share on this day

New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: You must have heard of this infamous quote about family love that ‘Family that eats together, stays together’. However, have you ever thought about your family’s health? If, yes, we know it’s obvious that you do, but we aren’t talking about just the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, but about the general fitness. 

Yes, since Family Health & Fitness Day 2021 is here, it is important to make everyone aware of taking care of each other’s health and wellbeing in the family. On every second Saturday of June, this special day is celebrated. This year it is falling on June 12, 2021. This day encourages people to keep a check on their family’s health and exercise and work out together. 

But unfortunately there a lot of families who are not staying together amidst lockdown and curfews. Therefore, here we are with a few quotes and wishes for a unique day to share with your loved ones. Take a look:

– The day is an important day to be marked as it involves our family members’ health. Wishing everyone presents all around the world, Happy National Family Health & Fitness Day.

– Happy National Family Health & Fitness Day to all the people and whomsoever it is concerning. The path of better health and long life depends on yourself, whether to make a sharp rise or fall.

– Happy National Family Health & Fitness Day to the fitness freak people. They always know that exercise is the key to a healthy life. They also maintain a healthy diet to stand as a shield to any health-related issues.

– Wishing me all family members who stay near or far, Happy National Family Health & Fitness Day. Our mandatory duty is to keep a check on our health always in coordination with the diet and exercises.

Today, let us take a pledge to keep us loved ones healthy by doing regular exercise. I hope you have a great day ahead.

– Happy National Family Health & Fitness Day to my dear friends. They are also always part of our family members. So, to promote them with this basic knowledge and keep a check on them is also a duty.

– Happy National Family Health & Fitness Day to my friends whom we met virtually by any platform. Write notes and greetings to wish them about the day, share basic facts related to the day.

-Then search about the National Family Health & Fitness Day and try out the events that are said to celebrate the day. Challenge your mates with the same things but never forget to enjoy it.

– If we all can celebrate National Health & Fitness Day, we can see a positive attitude all around demonstrating happiness, love, and care. This also helps to have a close gripped bond among ourselves.

– Hope all the messages regarding the National Family Health & Fitness Day is clear to us. Then we should start to follow the guidelines and enjoy the significant occasion.

– The National Family Health & Fitness Day is most popular in the parts of the USA, but as it is recognized now, people worldwide are conscious regarding the health and fitness of theirs and their families.

If we look back, then we find that the day was started in 1996 by the Health Information Research Center, situated in the USA. Then the long path began of establishment in the society.

-On the occasion of the National Family Health & Fitness Day, buy healthy groceries, take your medicines in time, and take all our proper meals in time. Practice some proper exercise or yoga schedule.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal