Trend to monitor, impact of Ravens’ injuries and favorite projections

Trend to watch: Play-action passing on first down

Here’s a look at league-wide percentages of passing plays called on first down over the last five seasons (listed in order from 2016 to 2020): 49.9, 47.1, 50.1, 48.1 and 49.7. Now, here’s the breakdown of play-action rates on first down during that same span: 30.5, 34.9, 35.7, 36.8 and 37.7. While passing on first down has been relatively steady over the last half-decade, the utilization of play-action on first down has increased. The trend makes sense with defenses having to honor both the pass and the run on first down, so

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Christina Haack Sees a Kitchen Trend ‘Everyone’s Going To Want’

Christina Haack is familiar with many hot home trends, but on the latest “Christina on the Coast,” she stumbles across one she’s never seen (or heard of) before. That’s a first!

In the Season 4 episode “Kitchen Meets Waterfront Dream,“ Haack agrees to help married couple David and Odett renovate their tiny Yorba Linda, CA, kitchen for $80,000. While it ends up costing a little more than expected, at $86,000, the extra money is well-spent—particularly on one upgrade new to Haack that she thinks could catch on fast.

Read on to find out what this up-and-coming kitchen trend is, and

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