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Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown in their book, A New Culture of Learning, state “the new culture of learning is grounded in a very simple question: what happens to learning when we move from the stable infrastructure of the 20th Century to the fluid infrastructure of the 21st Century, where technology is constantly creating and responding to change?” We recognized that East Grand Forks Schools is at the beginning stages of this journey.

Teachers at the East Grand Forks District strive to design learning experiences that permit student independence and foster lifelong learning, which is our mission in East

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S.C. Health & Fitness Association launches to support industry > Charleston Business Journal

Ashley Reese, founder of S.C. Health and Fitness Association, speaks to the crowd at the group’s April 30 launch event. Forty people showed up for the group fitness class, which Reese said he hopes to host once a month. (Photo/Ethan Schneider)After running 13 gym locations across the state and launching his own fitness boutique, which has grown to 92% clientele capacity over the past three years, Ashley Reese wasn’t sure what his next career move would be. He sought mentorship but was told he was too qualified. They told him they didn’t know how to help because he was too advanced.

Frustrated at a lack of guidance and resources that could meet him at where he was, the idea for a statewide association began forming in Reese’s mind.

The state’s health and fitness community needed support, he thought. It needed

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