Home improvement guide: Ask a flooring specialist

The National Association of Home Builders offers routine home maintenance tips for homeowners looking to maintain their homes’ value and ensure their safety. (Community Impact Newspaper staff)

IONE Flooring offers a wide selection of flooring materials ranging from vinyl planking to carpet with installation complete in two to three business days for in-stock products.

What flooring is best for homeowners worried about flood damage?

Tile is great as far as being able to withstand [flooding]. Say your house floods. OK, your tile is fine, your floors survived the flood. But now let’s see the other side of the spectrum.


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HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE: 3 rug care tips from Tomball-based Great American Rug Cleaning Co.

Richard Middleton, owner of the Great American Rug Cleaning Co. in Tomball, offers advice for how homeowners can care for their rugs.

How can homeowners best care for their rugs?

[Homeowners should] start by vacuuming in the home, spot cleaning appropriately, rotating the rug at least a couple of times a year, and having your rugs cleaned for your typical household every couple of years.

What is the difference between in-home cleaning and taking a rug to get it cleaned?

When you’re coming into someone’s home you’re going to be utilizing, typically, a steam-cleaning-focused, or hot-water extraction, method. You can

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HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE: Magnolia Home Xperts weigh in on home remodeling on a budget

Magnolia Home Xperts owner David Davis offers tips for homeowners to make the most of a home remodel, including affordable ways to improve the value of a home.

Why should a homeowner pursue a kitchen or bathroom remodel? What makes it worth it?

It adds a lot of value. A typical kitchen remodel will add about 20% value to your home, and a bathroom remodel [will add] about 15% value for your home. So it’s definitely well worth it when you talk about remodeling. Most people’s homes are their biggest asset, their biggest investment. And you want to maintain your

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Home improvement guide: Tips from Sugar Land-Missouri City-area painter

Homeowners face a variety of decisions when painting a room: color, finish, mood and more. The right painter can help ensure a homeowner’s project is completed correctly. Community Impact Newspaper asked Rudy Nunez Cueto, owner of Rudy Professional Painting LLC, for his advice to homeowners.

What should homeowners consider when deciding what color to paint a room?

Because colors are so integral to a paint job well done, homeowners should consider their favorite color, colors that are currently trending or the color that will best match their furniture. They should also take the amount of natural light in a room

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Your Guide To Shopping Caribbean-Owned Fashion Brands

When you hear “Caribbean style” you might think of sandals, beach hats, and maxi dresses. But luxury fashion has a long history of drawing inspiration and borrowing techniques from the region and its diaspora.

Take, for example, small independent brands channeling the flags and slang of their home countries or established fashion designers that make sartorial springboards of their childhood memories, like legendary designers Oscar de la Renta and Isabel Toledo, who often cite their Caribbean home countries as reference.

This Caribbean American Heritage Month, we rounded up some of our favorite Caribbean-owned brands and designers to celebrate their

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