Genderless Fashion: When I Stopped Shopping by Gender, I Fell in Love With Fashion Again

I’ve always been fascinated with women’s clothing. As a child, my tomboy sister refused to wear her frilly, pink princess gowns and toddler heels, but I coveted them. I found comfort in playing with Barbie dolls and dressing like the Spice Girls, but whenever I would try to wear something that I inherently liked—like a tiara—I was told it was wrong. “Boys don’t wear that.”

I eventually grew out of this fashion phase and began wearing the clothes deemed appropriate for boys to wear. The soccer jerseys, grungy band tees, and oversized suits never felt quite like me

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How Fashion Insiders Are Shopping

three women wear outfits to new york fashion week

Shopbop; MyTheresa; Tyler Joe

New York Fashion Week—the live and in-person runways, the days of street style inspiration—is back in full force after an extended, semi-digital hiatus. Finally.

For the editors, buyers, publicists, and models filling our feeds with runway videos this September, the Spring/Summer 2022 shows mark a change in pace. New York Fashion Week is one of the first events requiring more than sweatpants, for several days on end, in…a while. In the spirit of getting dressed again, we asked a group of NYFW’s notable attendees how they shopped for the front row’s resurgence. No two women are

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Queer Fashion Has Always Been “Genderless”

Eyricka Lanvin, the mother of The House Lanvin on HBO Max’s show Legendary, can still recall how liberated she felt during her first walking competition in 2001. “I wore a wig, Nine West stilettos, and this body-hugging snakeskin dress,” she tells W. “I looked in the mirror and said, ‘I can’t, I will not go back to my past self.” Growing up in “deep” Brooklyn, Lanvin struggled against the confines of gender binaries in clothing. That is, until she finally stepped foot on the ballroom scene. “As a person who was figuring themselves out, it was tough. Guys

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4 simple ways to curb our disastrous addiction to fast fashion

By elaine L. ritch 4 minute Read

It makes no sense to keep exploiting natural resources to feed an ever-consuming market, but this remains the nature of high-street fashion. Resources are finite—as is the space for landfill—but too often clothes shopping is about buying cheap soulless garments that end up being thrown away and not recycled.

The modern fashion business is too often about forgettable commodities that exist solely for the sake of consumption. And in 2020, online sales grew at their fastest rate since 2007. Given that online shopping returns often end up in landfill without even making it

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9 Amazon Fashion Brands You Need to Be Shopping

You’re already well-acquainted with Amazon as your shopping preference for everything from household products to books, tech accessories to groceries. But since 2017 one of the world’s largest retail marketplaces has made a pointed effort to expand past their traditional stock. In less than four years, Amazon has introduced dozens of in-house fashion brands, making their mark on the style world in the process. (And with free speedy shipping on most Amazon Prime items, there’s never been an easier way to do a spot of last-minute shopping).

We’ve gathered the nine standout Amazon fashion brands you need to know below.

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