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    Amazon Brands in Prime Day

    Christian VierigGetty Images When it comes to shopping holidays—and they’re totally a thing—Amazon Prime Day might be the most exciting of them all. The deals are good, and you never quite know what you’re going to find. If your stuff-I’d-like-to-find list this year includes clothing and accessories, you need to hear this: Some of the best deals to be found come from Amazon’s in-house fashion labels. Brands like Amazon Essentials, The Drop, and Goodthreads are already designed to be exactly what you want and at prices that are always kinda amazing. But the Prime Day sales take  

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    10 best Amazon Prime Day fashion and clothing deals 2021

    Amazon Prime Day 2021 is finally here. During the Prime Day sales event, Prime members can take advantage of sitewide savings in categories ranging from tech and kitchenware to clothing and skin care. Amazon created the annual event in 2015 — and after six years, it’s grown so big that several other retailers are now hosting their own counter deals, including Target, Walmart, Wayfair, Kohl’s, Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond. But substantial savings aren’t just limited to tech and gadgets — several of these retailers are offering notable discounts on clothing and fashion for the entire family.  

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    Amazon and Walmart try to boost fashion reputation

    Employees make preparations for a launch party at Amazon.com Inc.’s new fashion photography studio in the Shoreditch district of London, U.K. Simon Dawson | Bloomberg | Getty Images No matter what Amazon and Walmart tout during Prime Day, clothing will be on shoppers’ minds this week as consumers prepare to reunite with friends and family or look to accommodate extra pandemic pounds. Competition in the apparel space is more cutthroat than ever. Amazon recently unseated Walmart as the top apparel seller in the U.S. and both companies have a desire to woo fashion-forward shoppers, not just help stock up on  

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    The Best Amazon Fashion Finds and Wardrobe Essentials To Shop Now

    If you know what you’re looking for, shopping fashion on Amazon delivers a wide variety. And if you’re in need of some wardrobe essentials, you’re in luck—you’ll be able to find all those basics and staples to anchor your closet. Years ago on Amazon, I unearthed a thick pair of ponte leggings, and to this day, they are a hero item in my casual, comfy repertoire. When it comes to classic, ever-enduring white T-shirts, Vogue readers also love the timeless, minimalists options on Amazon. And it’s not just tops and bottoms that make up these fashion finds. On the retailer’s  

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