Home Improvement

Summer a good time for home improvements

With a booming housing market, some experts say now is the time to think about making home improvements, big and small.

EDWARDSVILLE, Pa. — Maybe it is a big project or a small one.

Either way, experts said with such a competitive housing market right now, many are focusing instead on fixing up their spaces, either to sell later or stay in for a long time.

“More than 50 percent of homeowners made a home improvement in some way, especially over the past year, especially with the amount of time we spent in our homes, absolutely!” said Steve Wilson of Hippo Insurance.

These home improvement projects have become especially popular since the start of the pandemic: kitchen, bathroom, and backyard upgrades especially.

Summer can be an especially good time to tackle projects.

“Preparation is the biggest thing. To save you money, especially in the summer months, walk around the outside and look for opportunity for repair or maintenance; some shingles have come off as a result.”

Here is something else: those experts say taking care of the projects now could save you from expensive and stressful fixes down the line. 

So you may want to call in an expert to check things out.

“Paying for a technician to come in may cost you $100. I would rather do that than have someone pay thousands or repair or replace one of those home systems, said Wilson.

If you make an upgrade to your property, those experts said you should make sure you report it to your insurance company to protect your investment.