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Products in this story are independently selected and featured editorially. If you make a purchase using these links we may earn commission. If you’re anything like me and have spent way too much time scrolling through TikTok, you’ve probably come across one of Remi Bader’s realistic clothing hauls. Just a […]

Products in this story are independently selected and featured editorially. If you make a purchase using these links we may earn commission.

If you’re anything like me and have spent way too much time scrolling through TikTok, you’ve probably come across one of Remi Bader’s realistic clothing hauls. Just a little over a year ago, she started making TikTok videos testing out clothes from various brands to compare how they looked on herself versus the models online — and they’ve been going viral ever since.

But this journey to TikTok stardom hasn’t come without its struggles. Though this was what she wanted to do with her time, Remi had to use her own money to buy the clothes for her hauls –– and therefore racking up credit card debt.

“I would go to my dad for everything,” Bader said. “He’s the finance guy. I go to him for questions, but he would always yell at me because I would rack up my credit card and not take things as seriously.”

After her TikTok started turning into a real business, Remi realized she needed to start focusing on her finances. No longer wanting to rely on her dad, Remi turned to Credit Karma to educate herself on personal finances, pay off her credit cards, and open another savings account.  

Credit Karma has now become a main tool Remi uses to keep track of her finances for her business. It’s a free tool everyone can use to do everything from learning what affects your credit score to getting personalized recommendations on how to improve it. 

“People think that Credit Karma is just free, find out your credit score and that’s not the case,” Bader said. “If you want to budget, if you want to save, manage your debt… It could be very personalized. Like if you have college loans: If that was a struggle for you, you could go to Credit Karma to give you free and simple tools on how to manage that.”

Bader has now found her footing financially, which is essential now that her career has taken off. She never imagined something that started out of pandemic boredom would take her to where she is today: two million TikTok followers, 325 thousand Instagram followers, and a show on Peacock called Impulse Try with Remi Bader. All impressive –– especially considering she only started her TikTok a year ago after being laid off during the pandemic.

“I came across curvy fashion inspiration on TikTok in September and I never saw that side of TikTok,” Bader said. “I saw other girls doing it, which inspired me to do it.”  

It’s easy to see how she’s become a fashion inspiration for so many. Not only does she give great fashion advice and suggestions in her videos, she also does it with honesty and humor, which her followers love. 

“I think the fact that I’m not afraid to say how I feel is something that people are drawn to,” Bader said. “And then I put humor into it, which makes people feel better about it. Because it is such a stressful thing; I grew up crying every time I would go shopping because I just hated it so much. So, making it more funny and making fun of it, making fun of the clothes, and not blaming ourselves and our bodies for it, I think also helps a lot of people.”

When it comes to finding great fashion pieces, Remi is all about finding the items that will flatter your body, a skill she’s honed while shopping and trying on items over the years.

“I think over time, growing up, I just tried so many things and I just learned what was good for my body,” Bader said. “When I’m seeing all these trends now on TikTok, I’ll just look at something and be like, ‘that’s going to work’ or ‘that’s not.'” 

Remi likes styles that sit at the crossroads of trendy and comfortable. But she knows that for plus-size women, finding this balance between the two can be difficult, which is why she uses her videos to help people realize that no matter whether you’re a size 2 or 18, you can still be comfortable and wear the cutest styles.  

On finding that balance, Bader said, “It takes a little bit of effort, and that’s why I’m trying to do the work for people. I’m trying to do what people don’t want to do by ordering online, going into stores, and showing it on my body so it helps them see if it could work for them, but I want people to know that you could do both.”

In her videos, she sticks to her style, which means being on the trendier side of fashion –– something not all plus-size women feel comfortable with. But she likes to put ideas out there and show what clothes look like on her body so that others are more comfortable wearing them.

Although Remi likes to try out current trends, her style uniform typically consists of things that are tighter underneath and looser over top, such as a bodysuit with a cardigan.  

“I think that’s pretty flattering for me,” Bader said. “But yeah, kind of just play with different things. I guess it’s just really like you gotta take some risks, and that’s what I do with my videos. But at the end of the day, I kind of know what’s going to actually look good on me and not.”

When it comes to fashion brands, Remi does have her favorites, although she’s always looking for new ones to try. On the higher end, she likes Reformation and For Love and Lemons. “They’re a little more higher-end, I would say, but they have a whole extended size section on their pages,” Bader said. “I just bought a bunch of stuff on both of those websites.” But, she also loves brands such as Good American, Eloquii, Madwell, and Zara

Now that you know what to buy — and how to budget for it — keep scrolling through to shop our picks based on the trends Remi Bader is loving this winter season. 

“I’m a blazer girl,” Bader said. “Blazers are huge right now and even pantsuits, like specific, matching blazers and trousers.”

Buy It! Yolkomo Women’s Chunky Heel Ankle Boots, $46.9929.99–$532.99;

When it comes to shoes, Remi loves how chunkier heels and shoes are in because skinnier heels with less support are bad on her feet. 

“I’m just into super chunky,” Bader said. “I used to wear those super chunky Jeffrey Cambpell- style boots and heels, and those are completely back right now. I like that because to me wearing super-skinny, tall heels, I just can never do [it]. My feet are so sensitive and I can’t do that. So, I love how chunky and thick is in when it comes to boots and heels right now.”

Buy It! Mogor Women’s Triangle Bling Glitter Purse, $13.99 (orig. $14.69);

Bader also loves a pop of color or sparkles added to a neutral outfit in the winter, whether that means adding a pop of color through shoes or a sparkly bag.

“Doing a pop of sparkle or color with a bag and then wearing a more brown or nude, simple or black outfit, just makes the outfit so much more fun,” Bader said.

Buy It! Abercrombie Curve Love High-Rise Dad Jeans, $71.20 (orig. $89);

Although they haven’t been the most size-inclusive in the past, Abercromie now has a whole section of plus-size items including jeans, tops, and coats. 

“People think Abercrombie is just jeans, and again, they have a whole curvy section,” Bader said. “They have great trench coats, really cool trendy stuff and bodysuits, and things that I think people wouldn’t think to go to Abercrombie for.”

Buy It! Hotapei Sweater Vest Women, $3029.98–$343.98;

Although Bader didn’t love the trend at first, she found a way to make it work on her body by pairing the sweater vest with something tighter underneath. 

“I’m really into the sweater vest situation with a long-sleeve high-turtleneck underneath,” Bader said. “I feel like that’s a huge thing right now.”

Shop More of Our Remi Bader-Inspired Picks:

Eloquii Faux Leather Puffer Coat

Buy It! Eloquii Faux Leather Puffer Coat, $39.97 (orig. $169.95);

Missguided Plus-Size Mocha Mesh Ruched Bardot Midaxi Dress

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Buy It! JW PEI Gabbi Bag, $67.99 (orig. $79.99);

Good American U-Ring Long-Sleeve Bodycon Midi-Dress

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Missguided Plus-Size Chocolate Cross-Front Halter-Neck Corset Top

Buy It! Missguided Plus-Size Chocolate Cross-Front Halter-Neck Corset Top, $19 (orig. $38);

Missguided Plus-Size Pink Co-Ord Shimmer Relaxed Blazer

Buy It! Missguided Plus-Size Pink Co-Ord Shimmer Relaxed Blazer, $28 (orig. $56);

Eloquii Relaxed Robe Coat

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