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Massillon vintage clothing collector opens Akron shop to hone business

Turns out your parents were pretty cool.   

And that goes for their parents and their grandparents too.

While you may have cringed at the clothes they wore back in the day, there’s a growing audience of collectors and fashion aficionados who appreciate the clothes that once graced a hanger at Kmart or a rack for those fancy pants who shopped at Polsky’s Department Store.

Aaron Gascon, owner of Modern Traditions Co., sorts through vintage clothing before a customer arrives to his showroom at the Bounce Innovation Hub in Akron.

Aaron Gascon is one of those vintage clothing nuts.

What started out as a hobby scrounging around flea markets, garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores for unusual, well-loved clothing and other oddities has turned into a full-time endeavor.

This collecting started in his childhood growing up in New Philadelphia and continued well into his teens and now adulthood as he filled closets wherever he called home, whether it be Akron’s Highland Square or in Massillon, where he now hangs his vintage ballcap.