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Infrastructure bill, G7 summit, coronavirus news & more: What’s trending today

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Get the latest coronavirus news from around the world, read about the continued infrastructure bill negotiations going on in Washington and see more stories trending online today.

Top stories

Bipartisan Senate group reaches infrastructure deal without tax hikes — but leaders still need to sign off (CNBC)

Deal or no deal? Confusion rules Senate infrastructure talks (Politico)

Antsy Democrats warn of infrastructure time crunch (The Hill)

America’s global image under Biden skyrockets compared to Trump, survey finds (NBC News)

What is on the G7 summit agenda? (And what is on the dinner menu?) (Reuters)

Texas Says It Will Build Border Wall With Mexico (NY Times)

Trump’s Justice Department seized data of House Democrats from Apple: Sources (ABC News)

Coronavirus news

FDA’s vaccine advisers debate urgency of vaccinating kids against coronavirus (CNN)

Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccines Get An Extra 6 Weeks Of Shelf Life (NPR)

Cruises Just Restarted And Passengers Are Already Testing Positive For Covid-19 Again (Forbes)

Moderna asks FDA to expand COVID-19 vaccine authorization to adolescents (Yahoo)

Hospitals across U.S. are requiring workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 (CBS)

Experts warn COVID-19 could ‘explode’ in Indonesia amid a jump in case numbers (ABC)

How much protection you get from one shot of the vaccines, according to the best available data (Business Insider)

Other trending headlines

A fifth ocean? National Geographic adds Southern Ocean to world map (USA Today)

China’s Zhurong Mars rover takes a selfie (BBC)

North Korea’s Kim loses weight, fanning speculation about his health (Kyodo News)

Hackers Stole a Ton of EA Data—Including Valuable Source Code (Wired)