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I’m a Fashion Writer, and These Are the 18 Fourth of July Deals I’m Shopping

The Fourth of July is an American holiday, but more importantly, it is also my mother’s birthday. That means that no matter how hard I try to not spend money over the long weekend, I always find myself browsing sales in hopes of finding her a present, while also picking up something for myself. 

2021 has made nothing easy, and that includes sticking to my budget. But I truly can’t help myself, especially because the Fourth of July sales this year are so incredibly good. Not only are there things I want to buy for my mom and for myself, but there are also deals I want to snag for absolutely every single person I know. From Coach bags for under $150 to Tory Burch items for as little as $9, there are truly thousands of discounts to shop. Thankfully I shop for a living, and I’ve gone through thousands of deals at Nordstrom, Tory Burch, and Coach to narrow it down to just 18 of the absolute best picks that I am personally thinking about buying. 

Nordstrom’s sale is major, but it’s also a bit pricier than most because it features high-end luxury items. Coach’s summer sale, on the other hand, has prices starting at just $8 — and you can easily score a handbag for under $150. As mentioned, I’ve personally been very into the 2000s moment we are all having and want to relive my middle school dreams with the Ergo Shoulder Bag in the pink logo colorway

Last but not least, there’s Tory Burch’s Semi-Annual Sale, which is essentially an on-sale lookbook for an ideal summer vacation. Every piece looks like it was hand picked out of a ’70s photoshoot in the Hamptons. In other words, it’s all I want to be wearing right now. In particular, I want the removable collar top because it’s so versatile and looks like something I’ve pinned on Pinterest multiple times. Thankfully, with the additional discount you can apply at checkout using code EXTRA, it’s only $112.

So whether it’s your mother’s birthday or not, we all deserve to treat ourselves when the discounts are this good. And take it from a fashion writer: These are the best deals to add to your cart ASAP.