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How will San Antonio arts and entertainment fare in 2022?

San Antonio arts organizations and fans tried to move past the coronavirus in 2021, only to be drawn back in to hesitation and closures as various variants dogged the community.

Looking toward 2022, the omicron variant of Covid-19 has thrown yet another challenge at year-end events and hopes for normalcy in the new year. The San Antonio Report took a look at five of the most important questions facing the arts and entertainment communities as the new year arrives.

5. Will the restaurant industry be able to lure workers back?

In 2017, San Antonio achieved rare status as a national culinary hotspot. Less than two years later, the pandemic hit, rattling what had seemed a thriving industry. The extended pause in operations threatened bottom lines, but also inspired creative pivots in business models and new service regulations that emphasized takeaway options. Restaurant workers were laid off, and while some returned when employers reopened with the help of federal funds, low pay and stressful working conditions, made worse by onerous pandemic protocols and prickly customers, pushed many back out, part of the wider national trend dubbed the Great Resignation.