COMPUTER & TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT | East Grand Forks Public Schools

Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown in their book, A New Culture of Learning, state “the new culture of learning is grounded in a very simple question: what happens to learning when we move from the stable infrastructure of the 20th Century to the fluid infrastructure of the 21st Century, where technology is constantly creating and responding to change?” We recognized that East Grand Forks Schools is at the beginning stages of this journey.

Teachers at the East Grand Forks District strive to design learning experiences that permit student independence and foster lifelong learning, which is our mission in East Grand Forks Public School. Successful student-centered teaching emphasizes both creative and effective use of technology to meet students’ learning goals. The 2018-2020 Technology Plan outlines efforts to provide engaging, technology-rich classrooms that prepare students for the global, ever-changing 21st Century.

The Minnesota Department of Education asks the district to address the following components: Technology Needs Assessment, Goals and Strategies, Professional Development plan and Evaluation. The attached plan was developed during the 2017-2018 school year.

Please use this link to access the plan: Technology Plan 2018-2020