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Black Friday rowing machine deal: Save 38% on a Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

Looking for a fun and highly-effective exercise but not so keen on hitting any icy winter waters? We could have found the perfect Black Friday rowing machine deal for you.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor is now selling for $249.00 at Amazon. That’s an impressive 38% reduction from its usual selling price of $249.00, netting you an eye-popping $150.00 in savings.

The big advantage of the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine comes in its name. A lot of rowing machines at this price range use air or hydraulic systems to operate, but the Sunny Health Magnetic Rower uses a system of magnets placed over the flywheel to resist the pull of the handles. This not only makes it quieter but also smoother than other rowing machines, taking all of the strain off your joints for a continuously smooth feeling as you row. The magnetic system can also be strengthened across eight settings, allowing you to increase the resistance for a more challenging workout.

A rowing machine is nothing if it’s not comfortable to row on, though. The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine excels in this regard with a number of features. First, there’s the seat, which is cushioned with thin foam to make rowing easy and comfortable even over long workouts. The anti-slip handlebars are also padded with soft foam to provide support as you work out. The footrests are reliable too — large enough to fit any foot and textured to make sure they don’t slip. Finally, there are the floor stabilizers, which can be adjusted to make the rowing machine comfortable on any surface: be it carpet, concrete or a hardwood floor.

A handy LCD Monitor is also attached to the front. It unfortunately doesn’t track distance, but it does display all the other basic data behind your progress such as stroke count, time spent rowing, and the estimated calories you’ve burned.

And unlike some rowing machines, the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine has a foldable design, enabling you to lift the 48-inch bar and tuck it so that it is resting upwards. Wheels are also attached to the bottom, so storing it away in a convenient place thankfully doesn’t become part of the workout too. 

At this price range, this really is a top-quality Black Friday rowing machine deal, so we fully recommend you grab it now while you can!

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