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BBC correspondent’s moment of frustration caught on live TV

In an amusing moment, a vexed BBC correspondent was caught on live TV venting out his frustration after he thought that he had lost the connection to the newsroom midway through a report on Afghanistan.

In a video that the correspondent Dan Johnson has himself posted, he is seen talking about the situation in Afghanistan from his hotel in Delhi and why the Taliban were facing a delay in announcing their government when he appeared to have lost the connection. What he didn’t know was that while he could not hear the anchor who was in the newsroom in London, he was still live on TV and they could hear him.

After waiting a few seconds, Johnson assumed the live interview was over and left his spot in frustration, grunting, “This job man, this job!”

The caption accompanying Johnson’s post on Twitter said: “A good reminder – ALWAYS assume you are live on air, whatever goes wrong!”

A confusing moment later, the anchor is seen telling the audience, “I think Dan didn’t hear my question. I don’t think he was upset, I think he had lost the line, so apologies for that.”

Explaining the accident, he added, “Power cut broke the line from London so I couldn’t hear the presenter. Thought I’d been taken off air entirely but finished my answer and waited in case, either to allow them to realise and move on or for the sound to return. Thought I’d waited long enough…apparently not.”

Talking about how he managed to connect with London from his hotel room, Johnson said, “I was filming with my iPhone, balancing on some cushions in front of the window having only just managed to get in the hotel room and make the connection in time after being locked out by a dodgy room card. As I said, a job with many challenges but always a privilege.”

Netizens and other BBC correspondents found his comment amusing and couldn’t help but chuckle. Some even pointed out that the situation could’ve been worse.