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Kids love toys and always have. The earliest toys date back to 4000 B.C. and were made of natural materials like sticks, rocks, and stone. Some children even played with animal bones. Throughout the centuries and decades, children’s toys have evolved. Natural materials gave way to plastic. The invention of talking toys, video game consoles, and tablets brought technology to the forefront of the toy industry and forever changed the way children play.

By examining the history of childhood play and development, Lovevery compiled a list of 15 toys, games, and devices to show how children’s play has evolved.

The toys on this list include an iconic puzzle that every ’80s kid tried to solve, an accidental invention from a cleaning compound, and a toy that started out as art therapy and allowed kids to express themselves and get messy. They represent more than 200 years of play and joy. Each toy helps children build or reinforce a necessary childhood skill such as imagination, creativity, fine motor skills, and self-control. Many of these toys still exist today, though in an advanced, updated form.

Join Lovevery as it brings you the evolution of play with a thought-provoking review of toys throughout history.